February 27, 2008

{ Blue Bird on My Front Porch }

My bird arrived! I found her when I was checking a cute blog that I like to read now & then. The day I was on she had a picture of this little blue springtime bird she was selling on her online shop called one hundred wishes. I fell in love with it and ordered it on the spot! Yesterday my box arrived on the front porch. I was so excited when I opened it and saw how cute the presentation was. I even got a bonus lollipop. This little birdie has a clip so I can clip her on anything I want. I'm looking for the perfect place for her. Now I'm totally ready for spring!


with love, r said...

Its so cute. I LOVE little bird things too. I really love little fat round birds. I have been waiting to find the perfect one for my patio.

sharon said...

I love this little bird, I will have to check out that sight. I love your grandpa's old hutch also. I am into antiques's. You have seen a few at my house. It is so cute the way you decorate it for each holiday or season. Yes. It is me blogging to you. Can you believe it. Except it says grandma owens, I might have to change that?

Bobbi said...

what a cute little bird! You're new blog is fun--I can't believe you have time to do two! :)

Amy said...

Hey Ho do you know about Just be?
I know the owner/designer Suzie!
Long story I love their purses I have 2. Love ther bird too