February 22, 2008

{ New Obsession }

Hi all! So, this is another new blog for me. I have been inspired by other totally charming,and not to mention fun, blogs and decided I wanted a place to keep track of all my little obsessions...you know...decorating, stamping, gardening, etc. Just anything that I think is beautiful or creative or fun to share. I hope you enjoy it!


Amy said...

OK you are sooo dang cute! How do you have the time???
Maybe b/c I am still in ne baby nursing mode I still feel out of control!I love this though

Amy said...

that was new baby My wwww on my computer is sticky lately. KIDS!:)

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Jamie, welcome to the land of Blog!!! Thank you so very much for linking to me sweetie! You will meet wonderful friends and find sweet encouragement....I just had to stop by to say hello and welcome! xxoo, Dawn