March 4, 2008

{ Easter Decorating }

Easter is coming early this year so I had to get the decorations out. Thought I'd share a few.

Got these little vintage looking tags at Michaels. I love them & they were pun intended!

These are my grandpa's books in his hutch.

My new quilted spring placemats. They brighten up the table, don't you think?

The birds on my piano.

I got this little Easter decoration at Home favorite place.

This bunny is also from Home Goods.

...Home Goods.

I found the perfect spot for my little blue bird!

Happy Spring everyone!


with love, r said...

The bunny is my favorite...I will have to check out his Home Goods Store. Sharon's told me about it too. I think it may be a dangerous place to go!

sharon said...

Jamie I love all your spring decorations. I should get all mine out too. I think they are all in the attic. That's a job for mitch. Thanks again for stopping by the house the other night. Next time you better be scrappin'

Brooke and Aaron said...

Did you make the placemats?? They are so cute. Sounds like I need to visit HomeGoods for some cute stuff. Do they ever have good after-holiday sales that I could pick stuff up at or is it gone by then? Does that make sense?

Jamie said...

The placemats are actually from...Home Goods. They never have sales but, their prices really good. Go check it out...or don't. You may get addicted like me. :)

Brooke and Aaron said...

I can definitely find some "needs" at that store.