March 15, 2008

{ Vegetable Gardening class }

I know I'm not the ideal person to be teaching a gardening class. I was hoping to inspire those who are green thumb challenged (like myself) but, still really want to grow a garden. I figured if I can do it, anyone can do it. Actually, most of these ladies sounded like they knew what they were doing but, it was great to talk & get suggestions & ideas from everyone. It was fun for me & I actually learned a lot in my research that will help me in my own garden. Hopefully, everyone went away feeling motivated & inspired. I used a quote from Janet Kilburn Phillips--"There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments." It's funny that I never even thought of that. I always figured I was just experimenting. It's definately better thinking of that way, don't you think?

These are the booklets that I made with my handouts in them. My color scheme was a sagey green & chocolate brown.

Here is my display table. Thanks to my fabulous sister for coming over & helping me with everything!

This is my little garden. I just planted tomatoes & bell peppers so, they are still small. My peas have fallen over from the winds but they are still growing strong. It was a great year for peas! I also planted some black raspberries (not pictured) up along the house. Another experiment. We'll see how they do.

This is my herb planter. I love the fresh herbs & I've had good luck with them.

Hopefully everything will grow & be nice and healthy this year. Happy gardening!


Traci said...

The class went very well! I enjoyed it and I could tell everyone else did too. Thanks for being such a great and inspiring teacher.

Bobbi said...

Oh I missed your class! I think you should do a repeat for girl's weekend! Seriously! (do you have any extra handouts?) I love "experimenting" in the garden, too. But we're still in the planning stages of where to put it and then built it! I want to hear how your raspberries do. And I want to do an herb garden too so I will have to call you when I get that far!

with love, r said...

Your backyard has taken on a beautiful life of its own (with your help of course). You have motivated me to plant some tomatoes and maybe even some peas. We are kinda limited for space.

Leigh said...

I can tell I missed a great class. Your table looked so wonderful and your garden is beautiful! I love, love, love your backyard!

Laurie Anne said...

What a fun idea. From the looks of your garden you seem to know a lot. Where did you get that great WELCOME sign, it is so great :0)