May 20, 2008

{ Garden care }

I did a little bit of garden care yesterday. It was about 98 degrees so I had to wait until later in the evening. It was actually perfect weather after 7:00pm. Here are my tomatoes. They are getting so big that I need to get bigger cages for them! I'm hoping some of the tomatoes will ripen soon! I am so impatient.

It's time to cover the strawberries with netting because the birds keep getting at them.

My carrot tops are getting very bushy but, they're not quite ready to come out of the ground yet.

And my cucumbers are finally growing! There are green onions in this box too.

Everything seems to be growing well except for my pepper plants. They are having a heck of a time. They just won't grow!


April said...

I'm jealous! I figure your about six weeks ahead of me in your garden. I know how hard it is to wait patiently!

Brooke and Aaron said...

I don't think I have the patience or green thumb to take care of a garden. You are amazing and your plants look great! That would be so nice to just walk in the backyard and get some produce for dinner..instead of running to the store.