June 9, 2008

{ Green Court }

Well, the new color of the week has been announced... Green! I had a really hard time trying to find green in my house. Okay, it wasn't too hard since our carpet is green (don't picture 70's shag, yucky green color...picture a nice low pile, sagey, foresty green) but, who wants to see a picture of that? So, I went outside & took a picture of the big green thing in our backyard...the basketball court. Was this the first thing I wanted in my back yard? Not really, but it has been so much fun for the kids (& us). We spend a lot of time out there & it is balanced out by a big, beautiful stone fireplace so I can't complain. Hopefully, I will be able to come up with some fun pictures that will be more exciting than green concrete! By the way, if your interested in joining the fun, click on the Shades of Inspiration button on my sidebar for details!

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