June 19, 2008

{ More White }

I'm not doing very well with Shades of Inspiration this week. With the craziness of the last week of school, I just haven't been able get creative with my photos. This one was another photo taken at Roger's Gardens when my sister was in town. {Have I mentioned how much I love that place?}

Also, Laurie Anne from Tinker's Piggies left a comment on my last post asking about the beadboard backsplash so I thought I'd include a closeup. The board across the bottom is just a 1x4 that is routed on the top & side edges {my contractor's idea}. Pretty simple!

Happy Summer!

1 comment:

Laurie Anne said...

thanks for the close up. I definately going to add it to my "inspriation file" for my kitchen :0)