June 16, 2008

{ White/Cream Week }

It's a double post day! I wanted to post my photo for Shades of Inspiration. Again, if you would like to participate, click the button on the sidebar for more info. As you can tell from the title the color for this week is white/cream.
This is my kitchen. I love my cream kitchen! This is a horrible picture of it. The light bouncing off the counter is terrible. I took this picture because my sister's friend was redoing her kitchen & she wanted to see the beadboard backsplash. I hurried & cleared all the dishes/junk off the counters & took a quick picture to send her. Plus, I have the hardest time getting good pictures inside my house. Not sure if it's the lighting, my camera, me...probably all of the above. If anyone has suggestions for this, please let me know. Sara at Sadie Olive took some great pictures of her kitchen. They are absolutely beautiful! Actually, I was pleased to find that the "bones" of her kitchen are similar to mine but,of course, she has accessorized hers perfectly! **sigh** All those beautiful touches. For some reason I have such a hard time accessorizing. I wish Sadie Olive would come do it for me. Oh well. Still love it, accessorized or not.


Unknown said...

You have a great kitchen! i love it! Jen r

Laurie Anne said...

Love your kitchen. I am so wanting to redo my kitchen. I love the backsplash, but was wondering what made up the bottom of it. It looks scallopy. Anyway, thanks for the bit of inspiration :0)

sharon said...

i love your kitchen. I think the backsplash is ingenious. But you know I love all your decorating!
You are way to humble with your talents.