July 17, 2008

{ Tour de Bobcat }

Today we will be taking a tour of my sis-in-law's fabulous home. Let's call her Bobcat. She is not just a sister-in-law, she is a sister & these pictures don't do justice to her beautiful blue walls. You feel Right at Home whenever you visit her.

These were pictures her two girls drew that my mom embroidered. They hang in the collage above the couch. I love that!


Laurie Anne said...

Your family has such a good eye for decorating. I love those little pictures. What a great idea.

janice said...

Her walls are a lovely blue, would you happen to know the name of the color?

Bobbi said...

Jamie--I can't believe you didn't fix the pillows on the couch before you took the picture!

The name of the color is silver sage.