July 21, 2008

{ Final Tour }

This is the final tour in our Tour de Family...at least until my sister, TC, {yay, not an animal} gets into her first home in a couple of weeks. Have I mentioned I have a lot of siblings?...seven, to be exact. Most of the family live in the same state, less than an hour from each other. A few of us {three, including me} rebelled or something & live a state or two away. I'm lucky to, at least, have a sister around the corner from me.

This is Duckie's beautiful home. Duckie has a knack for accessorizing...among other talents. I am constantly nagging her to help my accessorizing challenged self . This is a little difficult seeing that we live so far apart so, being the nagger that I am, I went to her home & took pictures to get ideas.

They just remodeled their kitchen. Her island has wheels on it so she can move it around wherever she needs it. Genius!


Laurie Anne said...

If we ever do beadboard around here it will definately be the 3/4 up the wall kind. I just love the way it looks and the shelf is just the icing on the cake. Your sister has a beautiful home :0)

~Nan said...

What a beautiful kitchen. Love your blog.

Simply Me Art said...

What a Gorgeous House, I Love the Kitchen..

Jen Kershner said...

Jamie! I have good news. You won my giveaway! You are the proud new owner of my Southern Living Easy Entertaining book. Email me your address to jenjen1220@yahoo.com.Congrats to you!