July 16, 2008

{ My Mamacita }

The Tour de Family continues as we take a look at my mom's house {I call her Mamacita}. She recently moved & has quickly made this home her own. She loves anything with birds or nests & has a knack for making her homes welcoming & comfortable.

Update-Hey! I forgot to tell you...Canary & I made the quilt that is hanging on the back of that couch. I pieced together the top & Canary finished it all up! My mom cried when she opened it on Christmas morning. I love it when the gift makes them cry!

I can't believe I didn't take more pictures. The bedrooms were all so cute! We were so busy taking over the house with our luggage & kids that I didn't get very many. Maybe I can get my mom to take some & send them to me?

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