July 25, 2008

{ The OC Fair }

We went to the Orange County Fair on Wednesday...

This guy was carving a huge block of cheese in a plexi-glass room...what?

There was other art there besides the cheese...Here are a few pieces I enjoyed the most from the visual arts competition {my favorite part of the fair}...

Artist: Daryl Gortner

We start off with a huge lollipop! This painting was about 4 feet tall.

Artist: Jen Chow

This was a neat technique. It was layers of spray paint using stencils.

Here's a closer view. Very cool!

Artist: Crystal Maes

I loved this fun painting of marbles in a glass.

Artist: Fay Kanzenbach

Isn't she beautiful?

Artist: Gary Sands

This painting was really neat. It looked so 3D but everything was painted including the candy wrappers, thumbtack & frame! People kept putting their noses right up to the painting because it looked that real!

Here's a closer view. Very cool!

Artist: Max Yamada

I love the colors in this one!

Artist: Veronica Kortz

How fun are boots nailed to a tree.

Artist: Bernhardt

And of course for all of you Pride & Prejudice fans, here is a beautiful painting portrait of Jane. I hope you enjoyed the show!

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