August 12, 2008

{ Bathroom Tour }

Today I wanted to give you a little tour of the guest bathroom. I have to say, I am not liking it so much in pictures. I'm actually thinking about taking the wallpaper down & redoing it.

The picture that you see was cross-stitched by my very talented sis, TC. Love it!

As you can tell I need to do a little bit of accessorizing on this boring side of the room. What do I do with that wall vase? And I never can figure out what to put on the back of the toilet. Any suggestions? Anyone?

Do you see the cute little white stool that my kiddies used to use to reach the sink? Yes, used to use. As you can tell there has been a mishap. My hubby broke it the other day while fixing the faucet. So sad. I loved that stool and all it's cuteness.

My sister, Canary, is in town {yay!} and we are going to work on the girls' rooms while she is here. Unfortunately, she is here just a short time. She will be going home tomorrow so we will have to see what we can get done in that little amount of time. Hopefully, I will have some fun pictures for you tomorrow!

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Angie said...

Hi Jamie!

I like the wallpaper! It goes with the pedestal sink really nicely. And, I love how you stored the tp rolls..I have a basket like that...I may have to steal your! Have you tried Liquid Nails to fix the stool? That stuff is amazing. I wish I had a brothers just don't get excited when I talk about decorating to!