August 19, 2008

{ Party Prep }

Well, I entered another giveaway. What can I say? I love a good giveaway. And since I did win something once it kind of gives me hope that I may win another one. This time Angie over at Sandals and Daisies is giving away two different "prizes" to choose from. So, go on over & check it out!

Tonight I am having a group of ladies from church over for Bunco & a barbeque. So I am busy getting the backyard ready & cleaning the house. We are expecting about 30 women. It will be a blast!

This is a view of one half of our yard. The little house that you see back there, behind the fence is my hubby's office. He works at home but since home is too loud now with four kids, {we only had two when we moved here} he needed a place "out of the home". It's nice that he has a quiet place to least if the gate is closed. If not he gets little eyes peering into his door all the time!

And this is the other half of the backyard. It is not quite as pretty but very fun! We're still working on what to do with that slope up behind the wall. I really need to plant something that will trail over the top of the wall to soften it.

I love our fireplace. It doesn't really send out heat so we don't really use it in the winter but it sure is pretty, ain't it? When my husband wanted the basketball quart, I told him I had to have something big to balance it out, right? Well, this is what we got and I love it even though it doesn't keep me warm.

So the yard's all cleaned up and ready to go. It should be a super fun night!


Laurie Anne said...

Bunco is so fun and such a great way for a group to mingle.
Hope you have a great time :0)

Kasey said...

I LOVE your backyard.

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

I want to come to your party...what a fab backyard!!I love it!