August 18, 2008

{ Peanut & Boo's Room }

Okay, okay! I admit it...I've been stalling. I didn't want to show pictures of the girls' rooms until they were totally & completely finished, but who am I kidding. So after putting it off for too are a few pictures of Peanut & Boo's room. I hope you're not too disappointed after the long wait.

I love this Pottery Barn bedding. I got it all from my amazing & very generous friends at Peanut's babyshower. It was used for Peanut & Ms. Sassypants then Boo came along so Ms. Sassypants got booted into her own room. I need to get a dresser to put between their beds. They really need the storage. And the bulletin board needs some renovating. I'm thinking thicker frame, painted a color. I thought white at first but, is there too much white going on already?

This is Peanut's bed. Love that flower pillow.

This is Boo's bed. She just graduated from her crib. My baby's growing up too fast! :(

Unfortunately, the toys have to stay for now. It makes it a little crowded but I'm loving this wall with the two display shelves & frames. Can you guess what Peanut & Boo's real names begin with? These are things I've had stashed away in a "decorating closet". It's so nice to get them out & up somewhere.

Of course, I need to do a little bit more accessorizing on those shelves. Oh, by the way, those framed letters were super easy. I just wrapped fabric {that came from "the closet"} around the cardboard in the frame then printed the letters out on my printer and double-stick taped them onto the fabric. I was going to put pictures in them but, I'm thinking I like them. I like the added color.

These hooks are another thing I had in "the closet". Above it hangs the stipple artwork done of Peanut by my very talented niece. {I'm not sure that sentence is grammatically correct} She is 16 years old and entered it into an art contest & won!! She even sold a copy of it...but I've got the original!

Aren't those windows so lonely? I am debating the curtains right now. I'm just not sure what style or color to do here. Don't know if white is best because of the other colors & patterns in the room. Or maybe it needs more color. What are your thoughts? I could really use some help here.

Well, I hope you like the room. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated. Ms. Sassypants room is still in progress also, but is far less finished. I might post pictures of it anyway to see if you all have any suggestions for me. Have a fabulous Monday!


Kasey said...

Very sweet!
I'm going to post pics later of Lola's room.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Ohhhh what a sweet room!

Laurie Anne said...

The room looks great. Love that bedding, so fun :0)

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

What a sweet room! I love the fresh colors! Adorable!

Courtney N said...

So so cute!!