August 4, 2008

{ Back With Their Limbs & My Camera }

The boys are home and even though they spotted a few deer, rattlesnakes, aggressive squirrels & yes, even bears, they were not attacked. Their muscles are a little sore & they have a few blisters but they came back with all of their limbs & my camera so I am happy.

Here is a view of Half Dome from the distance. See it there in the middle?

Apparently, the boys were more than a little nervous when they reached this point. I don't think they realized what a vertical climb it was going to be!

Here's the view from the top. Every one of the them said it was totally worth it once they made it to the top. They had a great trip.

In the meantime...we girls were pretty bored here at home. I told hubby when he got home that I am going to take Ms. Sassypants on a girl trip. Hopefully, we can do one soon. We did go to Target and got a few goodies for Ms. Sassypants room. I'm happy the camera came back so I could take pictures.

Some little buckets for organizing & magnetic photo frames. We also found these cute button pins to make magnets. They all came from the $1 bins. Gotta' love that!

I also got two bulletin boards & a wipe/magnetic board. I was happy to find them already nicely framed in black.

My goal is to have her room completed by the end of summer, which is Sept. 3 for us. I know there are many of you who are already getting back to school. I'm glad we have a little bit more time. I'm not ready for summer to be over yet!


Angie said...

Hiya Jamie,

I am glad your boys made it back safely..those pictures are great! I would be sick if I was actually there looking! I love the stuff ya got for your daughter's room. Those little buckets are just adorable...I have not seen those here at our Target.


Chris said...

First of all, I could NEVER climb that mountain! How scary. Secondly, I LOVE those buckets. I'm kind of obsessed wtih tin buckets, and those are phenomenol. Looks like I'm going to Target!

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

Hi Jamie,
My youngest is also a boy scout, working on eagle. He started 10th grade today...unbelievable, shocking!! I don't feel any older, funny how that works. If you are still interested in having a bracelet, just let me know I would be glad to send you one. Thanks for the interest!

Mary said...

Those are some impressive photos...and fun finds on the girl end of things...