August 7, 2008

{ Tomato Stand }

My kids decided they wanted to have a lemonade stand the other day. I said great! Why don't you also try to sell some of the gazillion tomatoes that are growing out in the garden. So, they had a lemonade, Otter Pop, tomato stand just to cover the bases. These are some of the tomatoes they picked. I so need a new camera. Look how these tomatoes are an orangey red color. In real life they are a beautiful, bright red. Yes, there are some yellow tomatoes in there too. The little yellow ones are called yellow pear tomatoes and are our favorite!

Here are my tomato plants. The little tomato cages are in there somewhere but, the plants got so crazy big that we had to shore them up some how. {Is that right? shore up?} Since hubby couldn't wait until I found something pretty, he found some leftover wood stakes, pvc pipe & duct tape & went to work. Hhmmm, I will be more prepared next year.

Some green onions, green beans & bell peppers. Yum! I just planted a few cucumber plants also.

I bought some blackberry bushes this year just to see if they would grow in this spot. I didn't realize they have thorn less bushes so these ones are very thorny. I am going to have to take these out and find the thorn less variety for next year.

Here is my herb garden box. I love it and use them all the time!

Here's more of the orangey red tomatoes! Have a fabulous day!


Abby said...

mmm.....your tomatoes look so yummy!! next time they had a tomato stand I am coming over!! Congrats on the garden success!!

Angie said...

Hi Jamie,

Those tomatoes look so yummy! I hope they had a successful stand. I really like your raised beds. I am thinking of doing that next year for our strawberries..we have critters out here that keep eating our harvest!


Chris said...

Now THAT'S a lot of tomatoes. I've been married for almost 13 years, and I've only bought one tomato. Weird, huh? My husband and I both don't like them, so there's just never been a need I guess. Your tomatoes DO look good, however! :)

Laurie Anne said...

That picture is making it difficult for me to wait for my tomatoes to ripen. We are also growing Juliettes and Yellow Pears.
I just love tomatoes. I pick them and eat them like candy.
Yes, that was you for the tag. I never got around to letting folks know they were tagged, hence my answer for "W".

Erika said...

James, I found you thru Mary - don't block me! You are the expert blogger. I have a site but its pretty boring in comparison. When I have the time I want to check out your links. There's a running theme, right?

Kasey said...

the tomatoes look DEVINE!
I have a small herb and tomatoe garden in the back, and just love, love, love it!
I bought a new camera, if you are interested, it's a canon rebel. the pics are fantastic

Bethie - Chic Junque said...

I love garden fresh tomatoes. I like to sit and bite into one like an apple. Yours look great!

Simply Me Art said...

Wow, Your Garden looks Delicious and Amazing. Your Tamatoes are Gorgeous. Im so Jealous.