September 8, 2008

{ Finally! Fall Nesting }

Wow! The last time I blogged was in August, like a month ago! Okay, it was only 11 days ago. Still it feels like I've been absent for much longer than that. Now that school has finally started, I spent most of the day good cleaning my house. I do this every year. I don't know if there are any of you mom's out there who feel like this but, I never feel like my home stays clean for more than half a second in the summer. There's just too many kids running in & out all times of the day. I can barely keep it picked up. Every year school starts on a Thursday & I good clean my house the following Monday. That's when I turn into the clean monster! I don't cook dinner because I don't want to mess up the clean kitchen. And when the kids get home from school I run to the door to greet them so that they will take off their shoes so as not to dirty my clean floor. And then... "Honey, please don't brush your eraser shavings onto the floor. Just coral them into a neat little pile after you erase & then throw them in the garbage when you're all finished. K? Thanks!" Am I horrible? Yes, but, it's only for one day. I just want it to stay clean for one day! Tomorrow morning someone will spill milk, drop toaster crumbs & sprinkle sugar everywhere so, things will be back to normal.

Any who!...The reason I bring up good cleaning my house {I knew there was a reason} is because I always like to clean the house before putting out seasonal decorations. So after my house was spic & span, I brought out just a couple of fall looking things.

Today the weather was a teeny bit cooler {88 degrees} with a nice little breeze so, it's kind of sort of starting to feel like autumn is on it's way.

I am loving every one's Fall Nesting posts. I am fighting with all my might not to get the Halloween decorations out yet. Ms. Sassypants was begging to put them out today. She even said, "We'll just put the decorations up inside the house so the neighbors won't know." Too funny!


Cindy said...

Yeah, I'm fighting the urge to put out the Halloween decorations too. I told my self I have to get all the wedding stuff put away and cleaned up first. Good motivation with a dual purpose!

Laurie Anne said...

Fall is my favorite season. I love the change in the weather to cool, crisp days. The air smells so sweet this time of year.
Congrats on the cleaning. I wish I could hanker down and get some done :0)

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I think we have the same wreath, but I put mine on the front door (which I recently painted red) : )

Beautiful Fall touches!!

M.L.: the house of whimsy

Angie said...

Hey Jamie!

I love that welcoming! I am excited to get my Halloween stuff out..but I am going to give Fall its chance to show off first...not to say I haven't been buying spooky bits here and there!