September 10, 2008

{ Puzzled }

So, is everyone putting out Halloween already? Am I the only one that thinks that I'm supposed to wait? Is there some kind of rule that says when the time is right to start decorating for Halloween? And if there is, am I wrong to want to break that rule & put my stuff out now? I did see pumpkins for sale at the grocery store today. I'm just saying.

While I'm debating that very important question, I am working on a very fun Halloween project. I can't wait to show it to you. And unlike the broken promises of showing you Ms. Sassypants completed room, I promise to show you this project very soon. PROMISE!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these photos from Country Living.

By the way, I realize I revealed way too much about my K.I.C.O.C.D. {Keep It Clean On Cleaning Day} issue. I'm so sorry. Seriously, I am not like that normally. Just on cleaning day. And just so you know, I never used to notice eraser shavings until a friend pointed it out so, at least I have a K.I.C.O.C.D. friend {who is an enabler, I might add}.


the undomesticated wife said...

I can't decorate yet for Halloween. I love Halloween, however, I have to wait until the temp is out of the 90s.

I love those pumpkins with the Halloween masks! How cute is that?!

Simply Me Art said...

Naaaa, there is No Rule like don't wear white after Labor Day, although I don't think that applies anymore anyway. I think put it out when you are ready. My family gets on me for decorating too early, it's like a flogging for wanting my house to look festive... I say, put it out. Jamie

Cindy said...

I have to wait until October 1st. I love September so I have to have apples and school things to celebrate learning and teaching of all kinds. I can do plain pumpkins, scarecrows, apples, nuts, etc., but not Halloween until 10/1!