October 27, 2008

{ The Count Down Begins }

4 days until Halloween! My kids are so excited. Their cousins will be coming into town to spend it with us. We are planning a fun Halloween dinner. Here is a picture of Boo in her orange tutu & feathery, spider-looking hair clippy. I love this picture looking down at her. I wish my camera didn't make it so blurry. Okay, maybe that was me. And check out my patchy grass. We did that just for a Halloween spooky look. No, not really. It sure is hard to get that grass to grow back. It was killed when the office was built on the side yard.

I bought the tutu from Raechal's etsy shop RC Baby Designs. She will make them in any color you like. So cute! She also makes custom applique tees. I had to have a few of those too! Go to her shop & check it out.

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AJ said...

Oh my gosh! She is just too sweet:)