October 28, 2008

{ Front Walkway }

3 days to Halloween.

This is the walkway to my front porch. I added a bit of fall color with the little plants up front. Since California has such mild seasons this is how we have to get our fall colors. We plant them ourselves.

I guess I do have a little bit of a front porch. I've been looking for some kind of a chair to put on it & haven't been able to find one that I like (that's cheap enough for me). I grabbed this one from our set in the backyard. It confirms to me that I want a chair there.

I'm hoping we will have time to carve the pumpkins tonight. My kids have been asking for weeks!


~ Stacey ~ said...

I love the chair on the front porch.

Traci said...

I like the chair on the front porch and that big pot. I really like your festive flowers!