October 20, 2008

{ Pillowcase Fun }

Let me just start by saying, my mom is the best. She is always coming up with fun little things to do for her family, especially her grand kids. We got a package in the mail from her the other day with these fun Halloween pillowcases. One for each of my kids. They were soooo excited! And she was smart to label them with the kid's names so their was no fighting. She thinks of everything.

Aren't they so cute?!!! My favorite part is the rick rack details.

They were made to also be used as trick-or-treat bags on Halloween night. We love them! Thanks, Mom!


~ Stacey ~ said...

I love them! Does your sweet mom make them for the kids for Christmas too?

AJ said...

Those are great! I would have loved to have those as a kid! Heck, I'd love to have one now:)

Cindy said...

Very cute, and the rick rack is a nice touch. Duff's sisters do some for the different holidays and they are really cute, but the rick rack is something new!

Good gramma.

Brooke and Aaron said...

So cute!! I wish I knew how to sew!! Oh, and the girls skirts are adorable! You should sell some too. I would totally buy them!