November 20, 2008

{ Give Thanks }

I don't have too many Thanksgiving decorations so I was excited to make this tin sign at our church's craft night. Super easy, since the words were vinyl. It literally took 2 minutes to make from start to finish. That included tying the ribbon. And it only cost me $10!

I love it hanging on my little shelf. Sorry for the blurry picture. A new camera is on my Christmas list but, I give thanks that we have what we have. We are blessed in many ways.


Taryn said...

so cute!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Love the shelf, but more than that - love the silouettes (not sure I spelled that right - oh well)

Chris said...

I LOVE it! I wish I had something that easy to make! That last picture was so great. It showed how everything blended so well together. Nicely done!