November 25, 2008

{ Thankful For a Rather Large Family }

Happy day before the day before Thanksgiving! We are running around crazy here trying to get ready for our crowd of 34 for Thanksgiving dinner! Yes! I said 34! And 3 of the siblings' & their families are not even coming! Have I mentioned my hubby & I come from rather large families? But, we love it! It will be so fun!

photo: Martha Stewart

And we're cheating this year. We ordered Claim Jumper for dinner. Shhh! Maybe that's a big no-no out there in blogland. Aw, I don't care. It will be so much easier to prepare, clean up, etc...especially with all those people coming! One less thing to stress about, right?

photo: Martha Stewart

By the way, I was lucky enough to get a couple of awards this week! Ashley from Domestic Fashionista was kind to think of me...

And Laurel over at Ducks in a Row awarded me with this! Thank you so much, gals!

One of the rules of this award is that I need to list 6 things that I am grateful for. What could be more perfect for this time of year? I have so many things to be grateful for but, for this, I would like to list some of the silly little things that make life a bit sweeter for me. Here we go...

1. reading a good book in my jammies on a rainy day
2. apple crisp with ice cold milk
3. anything from Anthropology
4. tomato soup from Nordstrom Cafe
5. Christmas music anytime
6. old movies {especially ones starring Cary Grant}

I am also grateful for our rather large family & that we get to host Thanksgiving this year. It helps me get the house into shape & prepared for Christmas decorations! Yay!

photo: Country Home

So now I get to pick a few of my favorite bloggers to pass this award onto.

1. A Work in Progress- AJ is so sweet. She always leaves me nice comments.

2. For the Love of my Home & Life- I just found her blog & love her ideas.

3. Lola B's Boutique- Kasey is way too cute & fun. Love her! And she has a cute shop!

4. Just a Girl- Cuz, I want to award her to death. :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Sheila said...

You certainly deserve the awards! You have a great blog.

I completely agree about Carey Grant movies.:0

Kasey said...

awww. thanks girl.
I hope you have a wonderful (cook free) thanksgiving!

AJ said...

Well thank you Jamie:) You are too sweet for thinking of me! Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds wonderful! I've never eaten there but I've heard great things about their food. Guess where I'm going to be going soon! Hope you have a great stress-free day enjoying your family! Don't forget to have everyone tell what they are thankful for♥

Chris said...

I just laughed out loud. You crack me up! 34??? I have 19. I'm beat. Thanks for the award!! :)

Angie said...

Cary Grant...swoon! Happy Thanksgiving, my friend...enjoy the day with the family! I have bought Claim Jumper frozen meals before..are they from the same company? Is this a restaurant? Enjoy the day off from cooking, I say! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness I am honored. Thank you so much!