December 22, 2008

{ Blessed with Amazing Friends }

I wanted to show you what my friend, Leigh, gave me a couple of weeks ago. It is Christmas wall art {I think that's what you call it} that portrays the 12 Days of Christmas song. I love it! It goes perfectly in my home. She always knows exactly what I will like.

Isn't it so beautiful? I love the artwork. Each square portrays a different day from the 12 Days of Christmas. I think it would be so fun to set a 12 Days of Christmas themed tree next to it. Have I told you that I love theme trees? I love a lot of things, don't I?

Ms. Sassypants likes to stand in front of it & sing the song. {Don't tell her I told you. She would be so embarrassed.}

Next year I will find a better spot for it & dress it up with some pine boughs & maybe even get that tree.

Thanks so much, Leigh, for being so darn thoughtful. You continually amaze me with all that you accomplish. I have know idea how you are able to get everything done that you have to do & still have time to do the little extra things that you do for others. You truly are amazing.


RSM Text Factor Gurus said...

I LOVE IT, too.

RSM Text Factor Gurus said...

you have "know" idea....very clever

Jamie said...

ha, ha...I didn't even realize that I did that. I don't think it's clever when it's not on purpose.

Amber Filkins said...

That is too adorable! I wonder where she found it. I've never seen anything like that. I think I'm going to do a couple theme trees next year.

And about the "know", it's probably that flu lingering a little. You can blame it on that. :)