January 26, 2009

{ MORE Organizing & Ashley's Blog }

So I totally meant to show you at least one of my sewing projects today but the kids didn't have school & I wrangled my son into cleaning out his room. Yikes! It is something I have been putting off for quite some time because it was scary in there! My son likes to save stuff. You know...like pens that he's taken apart, nuts & bolts he finds in the gutter, little people he's made out of twisty ties. He's 13, by the way. Usually, I clean his room while he's at school so he doesn't see what I throw away. It sounds mean, I know, but dog-gone-it he never misses the stuff I throw out. But today I wanted to get rid of some things that I felt I needed his permission so he go to help. And, actually, he was really good about it. We, also, ran to Target & bought him a much needed sheet set & coverlet. He decided that we needed to rearrange his room too. It felt great to get into all those corners & dust & vacuum everything out. Here it is after hours of hard work.

I try to let him do kind of what he wants in there as far as posters & such. We got rid of a lot of the posters today but, I'm sure there will be more as time goes by. But for now...ahh...so clean!

Hey! I also wanted to tell you about a fellow blogging friend of mine. Ashley from Domestic Fashionista has a way cute blog & has just opened up a way cute etsy shop.

She is so creative! In fact, here are a few of the things from her blog that she's made for Valentine's Day...

Fabulous ideas, right? Her blog is full of them & she's having a giveaway to win something from her new etsy shop. So go on over & check it out & tell her I said, "hi"!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I can totally relate. My son saves EVERYTHING! It drives me nuts. And I'm a mean mom too...I wait to throw stuff away till they go to school (lol)! BTW, I am in LOVE with your chair makeover in the last post. It looks awsome...better than awesome! It actually looks like something you paid big bucks for. Good job!


Kasey said...

dear girl, you look toooo young to have a 13 yr old!
very nice room indeed.

wenderful said...

Popped over from Meg duerkesen's blog. I LOVE the headboard! What a great idea for a boy's room. And I love the bedding too! Cute stuff!