March 18, 2009

{ The Garden is Calling }

I love this time of year. I love that I can open the windows to feel the cool breeze & smell the fresh cut grass. The kids are able to get outside to ride their bikes & run around. This is also the time of year that my garden begins to call to me. I love having a garden. There's just something about planting a little seed or plantling & watching it grow into something beautiful & useful.

Last night, Boo & I started some seeds in our little plastic greenhouse that we picked up at Home Depot for $6.99. This year, besides the herbs, we are planting green onions, yellow onions, zuchinni, cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkins, peppers, broccoli {if I can find it} & tomatoes. Also, we are going to be planting some sunflowers up on the top of our slope, just for fun. I think the kids will like that.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I'm so jealous - we have so much landscaping to do in our backyard, we can't even think about flowers yet!

Cindy said...

Yay! I've been working in my garden boxes this week and loving every second of it. The soil is ready to go. I'm waiting for my new tomato towers to come in the mail. I ordered them from Gardeners catalog. I'm so excited for them! They fold FLAT for off season storage. That was the deciding factor for me. Let's share ideas, 'k?

Anonymous said...

If only the plants love me as much as I love them.... I'm afraid my thumb is not green enough for them to survive long but I still answer to their call and plant a few in pots. :-)

Would love to see your garden when all the plants has grown... :-)

Amber Filkins said...

Aaah, yes, my garden has been calling to me too! I've been opening the windows wide and fleeing outside to the warm weather & wonderful days. :)

Gotta get to planting!