March 20, 2009

{ Unplug }

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love the computer. And I, especially, love blogging. I am so inspired by the many wonderful & creative women out there who share their skills with us on their blogs. I decided to start my Right at Home blog as a creative outlet for me. As a stay at home mom with four kids, it gets a little crazy, busy around here just doing the every day things we gotta' do. And sometimes I felt like I was forgetting how to use that creative side of my brain. Does that make sense? I saw a blog as a way to keep that part of me motivated. And it has. Funny enough, it kind of worked too well. What I mean is, it sort of took over my life. The computer was taking up all of my time. I knew I needed to find a balance & decided to make some rules for myself. Don't worry, there are only two. Here they are:

1. Don't check blogs until after 12:00 noon. {Bloglines is an awesome way to follow your favorite blogs!}

2. Only check on blogs once a day.

Even though they're simple, these 2 rules have given me a bit more balance in my day. It frees up my time to work on projects, play with the kids, read books, clean the house. And, at the same time, I don't feel deprived of my blogging addiction. Now don't get me wrong, I fudge on these rules now & then...okay, quite often...but, it still helps to keep myself in check.

Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land wrote a post on this topic as well & it looks like, from the comments she received, it is something many of you out there are concerned with also. In fact, it is what inspired me to write this post. And she is giving us a challenge to UNPLUG.

Here's what Kimba said...
"...I have declared next Friday, March 27th as Unplug Friday. That gives you a whole week to prepare to Unplug from whatever it is that distracts you from what really matters. For me, that means no computer AT ALL. No blog, no email, no twitter. Nothing. For 24 hours. And I'll be doing things that have been getting pushed aside because they haven't been a priority. Maybe it will be a outing...a nap?"

"Can you do it? Can you Unplug for 24 hours? Maybe for you it's not the computer...maybe it's the television or the blackberry or...or...or. We all have our own distractions. I'm challenging you to turn off those distractions for 24 hours."

I love this idea & have decided I'd like to give a try. So, Kimba, I accept your challenge. This may not seem hard for some of you but, for me...well, let's just say, I'll do my best. :) I put the button up there on my sidebar so, if you're interested in joining the challenge, click on it find out more.


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Very inspiring post. Count me in on the 3/27 commitment.
I LOVE the little bird in it's cage with music below. Made me smile too.
And congratulations on winning over at Lola B's. : )

Cindy said...

I made similar rules quite a while ago! I get a lot more done! How's your garden coming?

Sheila said...

I completely understand. I have had to learn to set limits, too. Especially with four of us in the house keeping up blogs. It is funny, at certain times at night, we are all gathered around the living room with our laptops talking and blogging. Is that ridiculous? At least it is more interactive and thought provoking than sitting on the couch in front of the television.

Amber Filkins said...

Yes, I've been there sister!! I've been trying to make some rules for myself too. I've been cutting back, getting outside more, doing other things. I don't know if I'll take the challenge yet, but we'll see. :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I'm trying to do it too. I only get on the computer after the kids go to bed or during quiet time.

Kasey said...

why couldn't "unplug" be on a sunday????
great idea though.

Jeanne Oliver said...

There are days that I may have a problem:-) Great idea.

Bobbi said...

Funny... I just wrote about unplugging on my blog too--for me and my girls!

How did it go on Friday?