July 30, 2009

{ Thanks, Mom! }

Thanks, Mom, for giving me the shelf that Grandpa made! We found the perfect spot for it! I didn't think I had any walls left for this piece but knew I wanted it in my home. I love things that are passed down from family. It was, actually, Sassypants who came up with the perfect spot. Her room, of course!

She helped me carry it up there & we put things in it that she likes & uses the most. She loves it! And I didn't even have to paint it, which is the best part!
It has the perfect spot to hold her hibiscus photos. I Mod Podged them onto canvas so they look like paintings. Her great grandma's paintings are in there too. Hopefully, we will find a spot to hang them all soon.

And we figured out what to do with the hook that was on the side. She really needed a place to hang her purse so, it works out perfectly! After it was all finished, Miss Sassypants told me how cool it was to have something that her great-grandpa made in her room. I was so glad that she appreciates those types of things too. Thanks, again, Mom!


Julie said...

couldn't have planned anything more perfect!!

Laurie Anne said...

The shelf looks great. Don't you just love when stuff comes together? Love the changes to the blog, very fun :0)

Cindy said...

That is a GORGEOUS piece. I love that kind of stuff too!

Bobbi said...

It looks really cute in her room!