August 17, 2009

{ Bathroom Makeover Finished }

I thought I would revisit the Guest Bath Redo. You can see the before pictures here. I finished up a couple of weeks ago. I just needed to accessorize a bit more.
It was really tricky taking pictures in here. I threw out a lot of them. These are the best I could do.
I love this bird hook that holds the towel.
And, yes, this is the potty handle. I crammed myself down into the corner to get this shot. My family pretty much thinks I'm nuts. I switched out the cheap one that came with the toilet with this fancy one that matches the faucet & light fixture finish. It wasn't that expensive or difficult to do & it actually makes a big difference.
I decided that I really liked the accessories I had in there before so I just rehung the baskets on the wall & the cross-stitch that Traci did for me & I love it! The baskets are on the wall across from the potty. Perfect place for magazines, don't you think?
And the best part about reusing what I had is it was free!!!
I did get this bird cloche thing (is that what it's called?). Anyway, I saw it a few times on some blogs & loved it. They said it came from TJMaxx & sure enough, that's where I found it. The plant inside is a bit too small (the live one that used to sit there is dead, of course) but, I've replaced it with a little bit bigger one now. And, yes, the new one is fake also. What can I say...I am indoor plant challenged.
Sorry for the horrible pictures. It really looks better in real life...especially the paint color.
By the way, Laurel, I'm dying to see pictures of your new place! (hint, hint)
Have a great day!


sharon said...

I think your bathroom turned out great!
who wouldn't want a turn in here????? (hehe)

Amber Filkins said...

It's beeeeeautiful!! I love it all. Everything. Absolutely beautiful. And I am certain I'm going to have to run to my nearest TJ Maxx VERY soon. :)

~ Stacey ~ said...

Look great!!! I love the toilet handle, I didn't know you could change the handle. I told Dave that when school gets back in that I'm taking you and we are going shopping for blinds and drapes for the living and bedroom :) and some accessories!!!