August 24, 2009

{ Finished Quilt }

I finished my quilt! Yay! I haven't quilted in so long. It was fun. But, I'm also very glad it's done!

Ms. Sassypants is holding it up for me.

Can you believe that I stippled the whole thing? Me either. My shoulders are so sore!
I love the fabrics. It's called Hello Betty Retro from Moda. It has kind of an old fashioned feeling. I had a few scraps left so I decided to get started on some teacher gifts for Christmas. I know, don't hate me that I'm thinking about Christmas already.
I made a hot pad & matching kitchen towel. I think I will wrap it up with some wooden spoons or something.
I'm working on a few more with other fabrics. I will show you when I'm done. How cute would this be with Christmas fabrics or Halloween? Way cute!


Ryan and Missy- said...

The hot pad/towel set is SO CUTE, what a great idea!!

Sheri said...

jamie i love that quilt! i want that. i need to make a quilt for college. were did you get that fabric?

Victoria said...

I hate hate HATE you for thinking about Christmas already.

Traci said...

I love them! I want to make some... :)

shelly said...

did you use a pattern for this quilt or did you just "wing it". I love it and would like to know how you made it. Thanks