September 18, 2009

{ A Few Changes in the Kitchen }

I added a few things to this little corner of the kitchen this week. I am not the best or quickest at accessorizing. It takes me a long time to figure out what I like & then I change my mind.

I got the 2 canisters at Target. I saw the one at your house, Laurel, and loved the shape. I got one last month & one this month. Hey, I'm on a budget, you know. :)

I love the old tarnished silver in the little white pitcher. It's a little collection of mismatched pieces. Yes, I like polished silver but I also love the aged look of tarnished silver. So, this bit of silver won't be polished with the baking soda trick.
I had the plant in the corner before but, it was just in a regular pot. I found this wicker candle holder at Home Goods a while ago. I had some burlap that I used to line the inside & set the plant right in.
I really like the texture that it gives to the corner & the height of the plant is much better. It was much too short before. Oh, and by the way, Sheri, I changed my mind. Can I keep your white pitcher? Please? It turns out it works perfectly in this spot now. :)


Susan said...

Corner looks great. I found a similiar plant holder at HomeGoods this week on clearance. It's more a old/gray color and had no glass insert but it was on clearance and I thought it would be great with some fall branches.

Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

I love love love it! I can't stop gawking at your little corner of your kitchen. I really like the canisters, the pitcher, the silverware, the sign....I think I just like it all. :)

Outofmymind said...

My grandma used to keep a small purple glass cream pitcher filled with mismatched spoons on her kitchen table for anyone to grab to stir sugar into their tea or coffee, it sat next to the salt and pepper shakers and napkin holder. I do that now because it's more of a comfort look to me like comfort food is. It makes me feel like I can look at my table and take me to grandmas kitchen.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I really like your sign - that did not go unnoticed by me!

Victoria said...

I cook better than I kiss. Which is not to say that I am a bad kisser, by any means.