October 24, 2009

{ My Favorite Halloween Things }

I'm sure you've seen most of my Halloween decorations...they are pretty much the same from last year. Tight budget=no new Halloween decorations.
I do like how adding a pumpkin to a new decoration in the bathroom can look so cute! My witchy woman The newest addition to my Lori Mitchell Halloween collection...argh!
I can't believe Halloween is only one week away!!! It came so fast! Makes me nervous about Christmas.

1 comment:

Amber Filkins said...

CUTE stuff!! Well.....except maybe that one lady with the wart. :)

LOVE the last pic of the shoes! Oh my gosh, so cute.

I know, can you even believe that it's almost November??? The next 2 months are seriously going to fly by. I'm already stressed, and feeling pressure to start on some handmade gifts that I want to make!

Love looking at all your cute pics!