October 29, 2009

{ It's Not Too Early to Listen Christmas Music }

I can listen to Chrismas music all year. I've been listening to some lately. I've talked about my friend Victoria here before. She has a great sense of humor & it comes out in her blog. She was also blessed with many talents. She's a wonderful writer, photographer, fabulous cook, a great teacher & on top of all of that she is a gifted pianist & composer. Sheesh! Share the wealth, Vic! Anyway, I have had the opportunity to hear her play many times & have heard many of the songs that she has composed. I have asked her for years to make a cd so I could buy it. Now, I'm not saying I should get the credit for it. I know I am only one of the many who have asked her to do it, but she is finally making a cd! And, even better, it's a Christmas album!

She has set up a new blog where you can get more information. Go here to hear samples of the beautiful music & learn more about the album. And, if you could, leave her comment to let her know that I sent you & tell her what you think of her cd. Oh! And you better hurry because there's a limited number of cds. I already pre-ordered mine!

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