November 13, 2009

{ first gift }

This morning I read a few blogs {whatever, Clover Lane & Under the Sycamore to name a few} who are supporting a charity called Water 4 Christmas.
I couldn't help it...I had to donate. They are only asking for $10. I can wait to buy that paint for the night stands. I feel good. I feel like I've been able to help make a difference for a child in Africa with my little donation. What a great way to start the day. Go here to donate & learn more.

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meg duerksen said...

AWESOME!!! so happy you gave and shared it with more people. it's a wonderful organization. i hope i get to go to africa next year to follow up with our water projects. thanks for passing on the message.

are you all sisters...with each other? or just sisters in spirit? :)