January 15, 2010

{ New Bedding }

Yay! I finished one of my projects! My goal was to get my bedding finished before my hubby came home from his ski trip {tomorrow}. It ended up being a busier week than I thought, so I'm super happy that I was able to finish!
Here is the before:
And the after:
I {{love}} how it looks with our new wall.
And the best part is, I didn't have to spend too much money, since I had most of what I needed already. For the pillows in the back, with the big ruffle, I used a tablecloth that I bought at Target a few years ago. It never fit quite right on my table, so it was hardly used. And I used the finished edges of the tablecloth for the fineshed edge of the ruffle so, it made it easy & saved me time.

For the patterned pillows in the front, I reused some fabric that I begged April for. Do you see it on her couch, there? She recovered those pillows but left the fabric I wanted inside. She's such a sweet sister, she actually unpicked the new fabric from the pillows & took the fabric off for me, then sewed her's back up. Thanks, April! :)
I did buy some fabric for the other two pillows. I wanted some texture on them {thanks Sheri & Mom for the suggestion} so I ran into JoAnns & found some chenille. But, instead of using the right side of the fabric & decided that I liked the wrong side better.
I've never worked with chenille before. Boy! It is messy! After I was finished, it looked like it had snowed in my house. It was all over the place...
But, it was worth it, because I love the stitched white on white stripe.
I can't believe my bedroom is finally coming along. You might have noticed the two different lamp shades. I'm experimenting a bit with them. Now, I'm getting ready to:

-redo the lamps
-refinish the nightstands
- & make an art piece for above the bed

Do you think I can finish all of that tomorrow?
That's my goal. :)

**There were a few questions about organizing my photos onto CDs post. I hope these answers help...

1. Where did you get that awesome CD case? It's from Target, but I got it a loooong time ago.

2. I so want to know how you did this. It took some time, but I feel it was totally worth it. Here's what i did. I uploaded my photos to Costco.com's photo center & ordered a photo disc from them. I put one year on one disc if it fit. I think I had one year that needed two discs.

3. Did you just fit them all in that case or did you delete some photos make new discs? I didn't have to delete any photos. The discs from Costco's photo center hold a lot more than the disc package I bought from Costco.


Unknown said...

Love the new wall! I'd love to know what type of wood you used.
The lovely new bedding looks so fresh too.

April said...

Love It! I'm glad you gave the old fabric a new home, and it looks fantastic in your room. Love ya!

Two Little Tots said...

love the new look...your bedding looks great. i like the lamp on the left in the picture...the dark brown looks great and adds a little bit of color.

Stephanie said...

oohhhhh i love it!

Victoria said...

I love it, Jamie... so crisp and fresh looking!

DeeAnna said...

Love the new look! The new wall really makes it beautiful!

cindy said...

So so beautiful! I would love to feature a picture of your bedroom on my sidebar as my ::current cottage crush:: It would include a link to this post.

Let me know if I can snatch a photo...was thinking of the 3rd one down.


Megsy said...

where did you get the bed? I love it!