January 8, 2010

{ Happy 2010 }

My goodness! Is it really 2010?!!! I can hardly believe how fast the time goes!

I've had a busy couple of weeks with putting Christmas decorations away, entertaining kids while waiting for school to start again, New Year's resolution writings, Boo's birthday & lots of organizing! I love organizing. Unfortunately, organizing doesn't produce wonderful pictures. There's just been a lot of cleaning out of cupboards. Nothing pretty to photograph there.

I did want to show you an organizing project that I've needed to do for a while. I took all of these CDs from this...
To this...
Ahhh! Seven years of pictures in one little CD holder. This means more space in the cupboard & it will, actually, be easier for me to find pictures now. Yay & yay!
I always get the organizing bug after Christmas & I've noticed that lots of you feel the same way. I wonder why that is.
But, enough about organizing! I have a project I am working on next week while hubby is skiing. Hopefully, I can work quick enough to get to two projects. We will see. I am very excited!
Happy 2010!!!


Susan said...

Great idea. I need to do that also. Did you just fit them all in that case or did you delete some photo's and made new disc's?

Julliana Lund said...

This is on my to do list. Where did you get that awesome CD case?

Nicki said...

Yeah, I so want to know how how you did this!

Jill said...

You are a great organizer Jamie and I love this one.
Jill B.