January 19, 2010

{ It's amazing what a little paint can do... }

Okay, here it is. My first decorating post. A little scary for me. Actually, if you've been to my house you will know that I didn't really do any new decorating here... only painted. But that can count, right? Sure....
We moved into our home 2 years ago and we have been slowly painting the rooms on the main floor... one room at a time. This weekend we got the hall bathroom and craft room done. Yah! This is a small powder bathroom. I thought it would be a breeze to paint but it was really a pain! It was not fun to paint around the pedestal sink, cabinet, lights, and toilet! Anyway, I really like how the color on the wall accented the white pieces so well. For me it is always a big feeling of relief when something comes together.
Like I said this is a small bathroom, but it gets used a lot, so I had to try and fit a lot in without cluttering it up. The mirror on the wall is also a cabinet and more spacious inside than it looks. (Lucky for us it came with the house when we bought it). The skinny hutch (or whatever it is called...) by the sink holds bigger items like toilet paper and hand towels. I think it originally came from April. Thanks! :)
My 11 yr old took this picture. I like the artistic angle she got.

This is our craft room that I share with my four girls. It gets used a lot! And the walls are really NOT peach! I took this picture over and over with the flash, without, lights on, and lights off, etc. This is the best I could get. The paint color is called honeysuckle beige and I'm really happy with it. The picture doesn't do justice.

I found these cool fabric containers at Walmart, and they fit three across a shelf perfectly!

Answers to Questions:
1.  April, the paint color in the bathroom is a family favorite.. "Eric's Green"
2.  I did not cover the fabric containers, they came that way.

* a few people actually asked for more pictures of the craft room so I will do that in another post on another day...  :)


Jamie said...

Wow! It looks great! I'm still so jealous of your craft room. You've got to take a picture of the other side with all of your kids' art work. I love it!

Amber Filkins said...

Everything looks great!! Did you put the burlap on the bins yourself, or did they come that way?

April said...

Love, love, love it! What color did you use in the bathroom?

Unknown said...

Very pretty, Bobbi. The powder room looks very soothing but also organized.
I know what you mean about photographing the paint, I have so much trouble with that. I just posted the befores of my hobby room, and the colours just aren't showing right. Your craft room looks like a great space to create.

Apple Valley said...
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Anonymous said...

Ooo, I love your craft room. You'll have to show more pictures of it. My craft room is part guest bedroom, but I wish I could have a devoted craft room.

Connie said...

I don't know how I have missed your blog but am certainly glad I found you. I just became your newest follower.

I will soon be switching my craft room from a small 9'x9' bedroom to a larger (hardly ever used living room) and will be bookmarking this page to use as a reference. I love the way you have it organized.

I am now off to do some exploring around your blog.


Jeanne Oliver said...

Looks great and I love your craft room!!!!