February 1, 2010

{ the other side of the craft room... }

Ok, as requested, here is another view of the craft room that I first posted here
It is so nice to have a place to put up all the cute art work that gets made around here.  If it weren't for this wall most of it would end up in the trash because I don't like clutter.   The cutest art end up in their folders I have for each of them (my version of memory books).
I boaght the suede cord from the craft section at Walmart for the rope.

That's it!  It's our functional, often messy, "make lots of stuff in" room! 


Connie said...

You are so wise to display the kids' artwork. You never know when you are nourishing a talent that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Yay, thanks for sharing the rest of the craft room. It's so pretty and organized and I love the simple artwork display, easy to change out work.

happyhome said...

Super cute idea. I recently saw something similar in Pottery Barn Kids...of course they wanted you to buy their expensive set, that serves the same purpose. Kuddos to being frugal and still having what you love!