March 9, 2010

{ Little Peg Family }

There are so many cute Peg People out there & they are so cute that I just had to give them a try.
I started with a Mom, Dad and two daughters {Peanut & Boo}.
Then they had twins! {No! I'm not announcing anything!}
Then Grandma & Grandpa came to visit!
They all stood in front of Boo's barn for a family picture.
Don't they look like a happy little family?
It is super easy & fun to do. I got the unfinished pegs at Michael's. Pick any size you want. Grab some paints or markers & get creative! Don't forget to spray a clear finish on them to seal.

Here are a few more pictures to inspire you...
I like how they made pets for this family.

And aren't these superhero pegs the best?!!

I've also seen wedding couples, fairy tales, movies {Oh, you know I've already started a Star Wars one!}, various jobs {policeman, fireman, etc.}, musicians, actors...

Now, go get your craft on!


Anonymous said...

I love it, so cute. Is it safe for toddlers to chew?

Kris said...

I LOVE this idea!!!

Mamacita said...

You did it again. No wonder you don't have time to blog. Ha Ha!

Connie said...

Those are adorable. Each one seems to have it's own personality.

Cindy said...

What a cute idea! Hmmm....My grandma brain is thinking.....!

Angela Harris said...

I just discovered Waldorf toys and was so excited to try this. Just bought my bag of blank ones and I can't wait to try

Brakes and Gas said...

So cute! Hope I have to fine motor control to pull these off!
Love your blog, BTW!