March 11, 2010

{ A Post for/by Laurel }

I finally got to see a few pictures of Laurel's house! It's looking so great! So, I asked her if I could put them on our blog. She would have done it herself but she is still new to the whole blogging thing. I uploaded the pictures for her & pasted her email explanation of the photos {in green italics}...

So, here it goes...
The Living Room: It was painted a very yellow mustard color & the fireplace was all red brick.

"Fireplace How To: We screwed furring strips onto the brick so we had something to nail the beadboard paneling to (I know I took a picture, but I can’t find it). I found the corbels at a local woodworking shop, that was the expensive part, $50 each. The rest is made from a sheet of MDF. Even the mantle is just two thicknesses that we glued together so we didn’t have to buy the expensive thick stuff. We caulked and painted everything off-white including the brick (remember the lovely Dijon mustard color?). The whole project was about $300."
"I’m staining the wicker chair that I pulled from my patio so it will be very dark again and I’m taking down the wicker baskets next to the magnet board over my desk. I’m also finding something to hang on either side of my Joseph/Christ picture over the couch. Then I will be done!"
"I just made the curtains and floral pillows from sale fabric. I also took a big, round tablecloth that I didn’t’ need any more, cut off the pleated ruffle and made the smaller tablecloth behind the wicker chair and the small ruffled pillow on the couch."
Love that "Nest" pillow... ;)
"Master bedroom: this is a “before” picture. I’m planning on painting the walls the same color as the living room and maybe changing the bedding a little."
"Master bath: just used what I had, nothing special here."
Well, Laurel, I am loving it! Everything is looking sooooo wonderful! I can't wait to see the updates!
And, it's a, you & a blogging lesson at Girl's Weekend! :)


~ Stacey ~ said...

how can one family have soooooo much talent. I wish I were a Teal!!!!!!

Angela Harris said...

The wood floors and fireplace are stunning! Such a wonderful job!
~Angela HArris

Traci said...

Yeah Laurel for posting through Jamie! I love your house. Make sure you send more pictures when you have them!

Jan said...

I love the floral and nest pillows. I might have to see if I can locate that print! Love it!!!

Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} said...

I got a comment from Jamie the other day and i thought i replied back in an email but i just found out that wouldnt go thru (and i looked all over your blog and i cant seem to find a contact button?)
Anyways, that would be very cool, i am so new to this blogging thing and you guys are all making me feel so good!! just let me know when you post and i can do a post and then link back to yours - is that how this all works?!
i love your blog, i check it out all the time when i am at work - i am slowly adding all my blogs to my blog roll here at home, i have to be sneaky at work you know!!

Anyways, just let me know what i need to do (if anything?)

Thanks so much,

Sausha @ {show & tell}

corners of my life said...

Wicker in the living room? How cottage and charming at the same time.