May 5, 2010

{ The Queen Bee Market }

FINALLY! We had a craft market in our area! Maybe I just haven't heard, but most craft markets are back East, so when my friend Erin invited me to the Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad last Saturday, I was so excited!

I didn't take any pictures while we were there, but if you go to The Pleated Poppy {who happened to be there} she has some great ones. There were so many fun things!
This cute little amperstand pillow was one of my purchases that day. Why do I love &s so much? I don't know. But it looks perfectly perfect on the chair in my bedroom. If you would like one too, go to Heidi Devlin's etsy shop. She has quite a collection of really cute pillows!

Thanks, Erin, for the invite. It was so much fun!


Connie said...

Love the "&" pillow. Anything black and white appeals to me. That chair looks so comfy, I could see myself sitting there reading a good book.

Traci said...

That pillow totally reminds me of you... good buy!