June 29, 2010

{ New Wreath }

Sheri, unexpectedly, came into town for a couple of days so I had her help me with a project.
I hung our mirror over the new couch, but thought it needed a bit of a soft touch.
I bought a grapevine wreath & we went to a wholesale design warehouse for the greenery.
Sheri put the wreath together for me.
What do you think?

I decided to use the extra ribbon from my junk basket liners to hang it.
I love how simple it is.
And the orangey red stripes in it go perfectly with the pillows on the couch.

Now, you should head over to brown paper packages & check out the cute wreath that she made!


Unknown said...

Love it! It adds interest and greenery, but is simple too.

Bette said...

The wreath looks great over the mirror and the ribbon ties everything in.

Cindy said...

It looks perfect there!

sloan said...

IM OBSESSED with this.... I am having sheri do this to my mirror!!!! I am going to copy you!!!!
goooooood idea!!! so cute

Unknown said...

What are the mirror measurements and what size wreath did you use?

Falkner Family said...

Where did you find the mirror? I love it and can’t find it anywhere.