June 18, 2010

{ String of Pearls }

School is almost out.
I am so over it!
I'm ready for summer!
I'm ready to bbq.
I'm ready to hang out at the pool.

I'm ready to use our new patio furniture.
I'm ready to read the stack of books that I've been collecting.
I'm ready for homemade ice cream & snow cones.

Next Wednesday is our last day.

Okay, I feel much better.

When I was in Target, yesterday, I bought this little plant.
Everytime I see one, it reminds me of my Grandpa Olsen.
Good memories.
It is called string of pearls.
It's a succulent so it doesn't need much water.
I'm hoping it does well sitting in the sun.
I don't have much luck with things in pots, so we'll see.

By the way, I'm linking up to Frugal Mom X3! Go check out some great backyard ideas!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer { jealous }. :)
Have a great weekend!


Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

Love your patio furniture! I think I'd want to spend every summer day sitting on those comfy seats. And that plant is just waaaay too cool!

Bette said...

Looks great! Thanks for joining my party!