July 7, 2010

{ Chore Charts }

I try & let my kids have about a week of just goof off time before I start the summer chores.
Okay, maybe a bit longer than a week.
But, I think it's almost time.
I don't have a system that I love, so I've been looking around for ideas.

I really like this one from Balancing Everything...
So cute!

And I like the card idea so you can write a little more detail.
My kids need that. :)

Check out this one from Blue Cricket Design...
Love it!

I think my little ones would think this was fun!

This next one I downloaded from a blog called ModEco Kids.
I tried to find them for a link but it looks like they are no longer around.
It is really cute & customizable.
Sure glad I downloaded it when I did!
I thought maybe I could put it in a frame & the kids could check it off with dry erase markers.

I'm liking all of these ideas.
But, I have another one forming in my brain so we'll see what I end up doing.

For now, we are still just playing & the house is getting out of control.
It's nice not to worry about it for a while, but it will catch up to us.
All part of the summer fun, right? :)


Rie said...

Oooh, I love all of those ideas. We love our chore system, but it's not pretty like these. :) My children would have loved that hamburger one when they were younger!

The Didlake's said...

Jamie did you really post this at 1am in the morning? You are crazy! Love the ideas though!

Bette said...

those are all great ideas, but my favourite is the top one. I would probably spend more time explaining what I want done than it would take to get it done. I think the card idea would help in my household!

Lisa at Paint in my Hair said...

Thanks for rounding these up. I posted about my very, very basic chore system recently, but all of these are so much prettier!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Chore charts are so hard - and always evolving at our home! Good luck finding one that works for you.

Val said...

Your chore chart is by far the best one I have seen.... = )