July 14, 2010

{ Summer Lists }

paint grandpa's stools
get 1 quilt made
get chore charts done
catch up on scrapbooks
organize scouting pictures
organize hair accessories
make more pillows for family room
cover cushion on kitchen stool

Furniture Needed:
coffee table for living room
hutch for dining room
desk for me

{ Don't you love that picture up top? }
I figure if I tell you about my projects, it will motivate me to get them done.
Do you think it will work?


Bette said...

Wow that is quite the list.
To organize my girls hair accessories (lots of them) I got a bunch of bead organizer type boxes from the dollar store.

If you have a chance check out my Linky party.

Emma said...

I love this blog. Thanks for sharing your projects and tips. Good luck, I have a huge list too.

Traci said...

You help me with mine and I'll help you with yours! :)

Cindy said...

Nice, nice. Good idea to write them out and post them!

I didn't realize you and your family were soooo artistic! A great talent.

corners of my life said...

Ahhh - so if I make a list I'll get my projects done? I'll try anything!

Jamie said...

Haha! I WISH it worked that way. I'm hoping ya'll will keep me accountable. :)