July 16, 2010

{ Time for a Vacay }

We had an awesome summer thunderstorm yesterday.
I poked my head out of the door & took a quick picture.
The raindrops were huge!
I love, love, love thunderstorms.
Especially in the summer.

Anywho, I finally got around to my chore charts yesterday.
Where does all the time go that I think I have?
Makes me wonder about my Summer Projects list.
Maybe I should have cut it in half.
Here's a sneak peek.
They're coming along, but I have to put them on hold for a bit.
We are taking a break & driving to Utah to see my family.
I'm so excited!
I'll see you in a week, when we get back.
And then...let the chores begin!
{insert evil laughter}


Bette said...

can't wait to see your Chores chart. Have a good vacay.

I left an award for you over at my blog.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Your backyard looks gorgeous - have a fun trip!

corners of my life said...

A summer break from the chores! Safe travel.

D said...

Hi couldn't find your contact button, but I wanted to let you all know that I have nominated your blog for an award, please see it at http://inspirationsbyd.blogspot.com