August 20, 2010

{ Chore Charts Complete...Finally! }

I am so sorry I didn't get this up sooner.
My computer has been giving me trouble for the last few days.
I hate that!
But, we figured it out & I get to show you my chore charts before the weekend.

So, yes! My chore charts are complete...
And we have been using them!
So, here's a little tutorial.
Although, I'm sure you could totally figure it out on your own.
And, I apologize ahead of time for not taking pictures of each step.
I am lame at tutorials.
Here we go...

My Supply List:
7" x 9" wooden plaques {I got mine at Michaels}
black craft paint for base
white craft paint for lettering
7/8", white cup hooks
sawtooth picture hangers

Obviously, you can change the size, shape, color, etc. to your taste.

Step 1: Get your ugly vinyl tablecloth out to protect whatever surface you are working on.

Step 2: Paint your plaques {I just used the cheap foam brushes for this}

Step 3: Print out your words. {I used the Engravers MT font}
Step 4: Rub chalk onto the backside of your paper, behind the words.
Step 5: Using a pencil, trace the words onto your plaque.

Then it should look like this.

Step 6: Using a small paintbrush, paint in your words.

Step 7: Sand sides, front & edges until you think it looks good.
Step 8: Attach picture hangers to the back.
Step 9: Screw a cup hook under each title, onto the front.

Step 10: Create, print & cut out each chore card. {Mine turned out to be about 2 1/2" x 3 3/4"}
Step 11: Laminate your chore cards.
Step 12: Punch a hole at the top of each chore card. { Make sure to punch the hole high enough that they will hang onto the hooks properly. I didn't do this & had to make a little elongated hole on all of them. Bummer! }

Hang 'em up & you're done!
Again, sorry for the absent pictures.
I promise to do a better job on my next tutorial.

At first I was going to put their names on them.
But after I decided to hang them under their pictures, I knew they would figure out which one was theirs. :)

This grouping is hanging upstairs in the hallway by the bedrooms.
I am loving this system so far.
I just pick out what chores I want them to do for the day & hang them on the "TO DO" side.
When all the cards are moved over to the "DONE" side, then I know that they get tv/computer/play time.

On a side note,
Maybe you're asking yourself why I hang school pictures of my kids instead of beautifully composed, perfect photos.
It's simple.
I think school pictures are fun.
They are a funny part of life.
In my opinion.
And I enjoy replacing them each year.
So I do it for my own entertainment, I suppose. :)
Ha, ha!

I am so happy to have this done.
It was super cheap & easy.
If you decide to make these for your family, please let me know.
I would love to see them!


Cindy said...

So very, very cute. I'm not such a good painter, so I would have someone cut out white vinyl and I would rub the words on.

How I love those old plastic tablecloths for crafting! I have one too!

Rebecca said...

How very creative of you! Chores don't seem so big when you break them down! Self-monitoring is SUCH a good skill to teach too! How did you create your cards? I have been thinking of a way to do this for my own 4 I know exactly how I can do it! THANKS!

Traci said...

Yay, they turned out so cute!

Kelmak said...

LOVE this idea -- I bought the plaques today. I'll let you know how they turn out!

Josh said...

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Lisa @ Pulsipher Page said...

So clever!

corners of my life said...

These are so clever and "kid user friendly". It is a far cry from the refrigerator magnets with cut out magazine pictures that I used (in the old days). Nice job.

Anonymous said...

I was just searching the internet for some ideas for hanging up the kids chores and came across your blog. Very cute by the way!! Is it bad? Do you have the document for the actual jobs that you would consider posting on here or sending to me? I love this idea!! Great job!!