September 7, 2010

{ Random Thoughts }

Mmmm....we are having fall weather today.
I am loving it.
We are hanging around the house wearing our socks & cuddling under blankets.
I'm excited that I get to start wearing cardigans again.

I'm having a hard time keeping up with the laundry.
We go through way too many towels way to quickly.

The kids don't start school until Monday.
Ms. Sassy is kind of nervous to start Junior High.
I have 4 kids going to 4 different schools this year.
I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to get everyone where they need to be/picked up on time.
I'm, also, not very excited about homework.

source: unkown

My wood floors need a serious cleaning.
I am going to wait until Monday, when the kids are all gone, to do it.
I can't believe I will be home alone for a few hours a few days a week.

My 15 year old son has a water polo game this afternoon.
It's going to be cold!
He, also, has his Eagle Board of Review this week.
He has grown so much this year that he no longer can button his scout pants.
Do you know how expensive scouting apparel is?

source: Martha Stewart

I took the three girls shoe shopping yesterday.
I've procrastinated this so long that they needed shoes for church & school.
I ended up buying a total of 10 pairs of shoes.
But, Peanut has different size feet {1 whole shoe size}.
Which means, I have to buy 2 pairs of shoes & split them up to make 1 pair of shoes.
Thank you, Payless, for the BOGO sale.

I, also, went to Home Goods yesterday & loaded up my cart with about 20 things, seriously!
And came home with only 4.
I'm proud of myself for that.
One of the things I bought was an owl lantern.
It reminded me of the one we had growing up.
It sat on our hearth.
Laurel has it now.
I love it.

source: Pottery Barn {I think}

Hope you're having a great week.


Connie said...

While being home alone during the school year isn't new for me their decision to go to the Boys & Girls Club after school is. I have 8 hours to fill in a day this year. There is going to be a lot of home improvement happening during those hours!
I do know how expensive scout uniforms are! I suggested a scout rummage of sorts to the scout board this year and they loved it! On the first meeting we are all to bring old items for sale.

Kris said...

Oh the memories...I had three kids in three different schools at one time. All with different start and end times. It was crazy!!!

corners of my life said...

Seriously, my favorite thing about Fridays and Saturdays was no homework so I totally understand how you feel.

I made cute(?) name tags for our towel racks and everyone had to hang theirs up in their "space". That way they dryed between uses and I could go a week before washing them.

I remember complaining to my my mom how expensive it was to buy back to school shoes. Her reply - "That's what happens when you have 4 kids." Wonder how she really felt!?

4 schools
Just wait until open houses - yikes!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

That is random - good luck with schools this year!

Jenni said...

Oh, wow~ four different schools! I am dreading that! I only have two different ones now, and that even feels like enough! :)

I love the pictures on this post, especially the second one of the dining table! So pretty!

I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment! This blog of yours is so much fun, I can tell I will be visiting often! I am following you guys now! :)

{Beautiful Nest}