October 28, 2010

{ Our New Master Bedroom }

 I guess I kind of have a black and white theme going on.  I love the branches in the vase on the dresser.

This is a huge master bedroom compared to what we used to have.  We put our huge entertainment center on this wall.  I'm kind of blind so now I can see the TV from my bed.  It is kind of nice. 

I really like the middle pillow on my bed.  I just got it at Home Goods.  I think it ties all of the bedding together.

These bookcases used to be in my living room.  I love that they fill up this whole wall and feels kind of like a library. I love to read.

Here's a close up on my bookcase accessories.
The bedroom is done.  I am going to hang a chandelier in the closet that Jamie got at garage sale and couldn't use.   I already put a large ottoman in the center.  My closet is HUGE!  If I ever get it looking cute and done I will post some pictures. 

Have a spooky holiday weekend!


Julie H said...

I love your headboard!

corners of my life said...

I love that the carefully placed bookcase accessories have a look of randomness.